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The "Toolbars by 6FirmitaS: A Unique Journey Through the Maze of Personal and Professional Development"

Personal and Professional Development programs are becoming increasingly popular today, as more and more people seek ways to become fuller, more conscious individuals in both their personal and professional lives. The "Toolbars by 6FirmitaS" program uniquely approaches this challenge by offering an integrated opportunity focused on deepening self-awareness, building confidence, as well as developing communication and decision-making skills.

The Program Mentors: Edina and Peter

Behind the "Toolbars by 6FirmitaS" program are two experienced professionals: Edina, a life coach, meditation trainer, and Tibetan singing bowl massage specialist, and Peter, a mediator with more than two decades of international leadership and negotiation experience. 

Edina leads the self-awareness and confidence-building parts of the program, utilizing meditation, breathing techniques, and singing bowl massage as tools. Her goal is for participants to find deeper harmony and inner peace while discovering their strengths and abilities.


Peter, responsible for developing communication and decision-making skills, uses his unique methods—based on leadership experience, conflict resolution, and effective negotiation techniques—to help participants better understand and manage the challenges in human relationships, as well as enhance their problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

Program Goals and Development Directions

The unique structure of the "Toolbars by 6FirmitaS" was designed to maximize the potential of each participant. The program's goals include:

  • Developing Self-Knowledge: Deepen participants' self-awareness through the tools of self-reflection and personal growth.

  • Building Confidence: Strengthen participants' confidence through challenges and positive feedback.

  • Goal Setting and Realization: Teach participants how to set and achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Developing Communication and Decision-Making Skills: Enhance participants' communication abilities and problem-solving toolkit.


Why is Toolbars by 6FirmitaS Special?

"Toolbars by 6FirmitaS" is not just a program; it aims to form a community where participants find support and inspiration on their journey and are able to support others as well. The expertise and methodology of the mentors guarantee that everyone who participates in the program will be able to achieve profound changes in their life.

Join us and discover how "Toolbars by 6FirmitaS" can become the key to personal and professional development. Be part of a special journey that strengthens your confidence, clarifies your goals, and elevates your communication and decision-making skills to a new level.

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