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An exclusive team-building program that develops competence and community
A special mission for dynamic companies and brave groups of friends

The group of team building based on experience and operational challenges is organized in a special environment with a time schedule adapted to the needs of the group, during which the participants learn about their own reactions in extraordinary situations, identify each other's hidden resources, new communication channels and relationships of trust are built. 

With our decades of management experience, we increase the efficiency of group members' cooperation.

In a special environment

Our reliable partner in securing the location is Somlóhegyi 5 Ház Borbirtok - – quality accommodation, wellness and meal services are available. The constant task of the team-building mission is the evening standing reception practice, where the award-winning wine selection of 5 Ház Borbirtok is the guarantee to relieve the tension that accumulates during weekdays. 

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Special Missions

They help you discover, develop and utilize your employees  your dormant and unused skills, which will further support your teams in the effective use of the social opportunities inherent in them.

During the training, the relationships necessary for effective teamwork are strengthened.

The shared experience develops skills essential for a successful business venture and a balanced life:

  • self-knowledge,

  • human knowledge,

  • confidence,

  • optimism,

  • assuming responsibility and risk,

  • independence,

  • altruism,

  • load capacity,

  • tolerance,

  • creativity

  • empathy



These basic pillars are intensively spiced up with extreme actions, so they become a life experience with a story that can be told to the grandchildren. 

Our team building program was developed based on the Leonidas Masters training philosophy

/ with the provision of 2 – 4 trainers and special technical equipment /


For 5 to 12 participants

with a one-day /5 - 10 hours/ training program

with a two-day /12-20 hours/ training program 

we organize it based on the agreement of individual needs and goals.

You cannot achieve excellence alone. Success is a joint effort!

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