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A vezetőfejlesztés során számos különböző témakört dolgozunk fel, amelyek segítenek a vezetőknek fejleszteni a vezetői készségeiket és javítani a munkahelyi teljesítményüket. 
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Team building not only strengthens good relationships between colleagues, but also improves individual performance. When team members share their strengths and knowledge, they can learn and grow together, which ultimately benefits the company or organization as a whole.

Compliance is a system that focuses on compliance with legal requirements and ethical and responsible corporate behavior. The company management has an important task to ensure that all operations of the company are in accordance with legal regulations, rules and ethical principles.

The mediation process usually takes less time than traditional legal procedures, so disputed cases can be resolved more quickly and efficiently
Mediation is ​cheaper than traditional legal procedures, so it costs less money to settle disputed cases.

The Self-Knowledge Training service of the Leonidas Master Program helps you find the way to your personal development.

During our trainings, we offer tools and techniques that help you discover your inner resources and become able to effectively deal with stress, emotional difficulties and life changes.

We can live an effective, responsible work and an active family life in physical and mental balance. This is why relaxation, meditation, sound bowl massage, tension-relieving and healing massage were included in our program, which we provide through the quality services of Gillich Edina. 

By incorporating the transfer of complex knowledge and experience, through meditation and relaxation exercises, our clients take a big step towards creating harmony between an efficient and balanced private life and work.

Our active life and our multifaceted roles require us to properly ensure that our body's vitamin, mineral and antioxidant needs are met.

As managers, parents of athletic children and active athletes, we have long been looking for the modern food supplement family that is a reliable solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We decided on Pharmanex products. For us, it is extremely important that our active life is supported by products composed of natural ingredients, providing measurable results and with a background of innovative research and development.

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We provide quality service in a unique environment, with people at the center!

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Our thoughts are shaped by our environment. Open, bright spaces pave the way for the creative mind. The sight of nature inspires creation and releases inner energies. 

The combination of mango wood furniture, special scents, and high-tech devices provides a great opportunity for intellectual development.

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