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Company due diligence - Organizational development

We recommend our service to the attention of owners and responsible company managers. In the course of the company's operation, we carry out the exploration of management, decision-making, control, human resource management and legal compliance risks.

In addition to maintaining constant contact, we conclude our mission by carrying out personal consultations and presenting solutions. 

In the course of our work, we use and present our practical experience, which we gained during the screening and modernization of organizations operating in a large number of employees, hierarchical, complex task systems and strict legal environment.
Certainty is the enemy of truth: verification and re-verification is truth's ally.
  • Scrutiny of the organizational structure and the applied management strategies on the basis of company documents, internal instructions, interviews  

  • Screening and evaluation of the company's litigation matters, forecasting the expected consequences, developing solution proposals;

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the control points built during the operation of the company, preparing a proposal for transformation if necessary;

  • Identification of the company's tasks, current managerial and decision-making operating model - organizational development and uniform design of the organizational mission;

  • Creating agile teams; 

  • Assessment of responsibilities - elimination of duplications, increasing decision-making speed;

  • Assessment of the company's human resources - preparation of a resource rationalization proposal;

  • Assessment of the current human policy practice - Development of a knowledge-centered human strategy;

  • Mapping the company's external and internal cooperation system - coordinated integration of the development opportunities inherent in cooperation;

  • Screening of the communication activity - development of a unified external and internal communication strategy;

  • Checking the existence of sustainability plans and programs 

  • Security screening in order to effectively protect the company's personal, IT and data assets;

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