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6FirmitaS Consulting philosophy and mission

Why did we choose the development of conscious people and innovative companies as our mission after decades of professional service?


We believe that when we work with you, the company's managers and valuable colleagues, it serves development.


We believe in the power of motivation, inspiration, security provided by modern compliance, and practical testing, which guarantees solutions to the challenges of our rapidly changing world.


We believe that the transfer of our decades of managerial and operational experience will lead us out of the maze of "uncertainty" and "just because we're used to it" thoughts in the direction of conscious and continuous renewal.


If you also believe that only development means a secure future, that it is possible to work better and more efficiently, to live in balance alongside work, then we are at your disposal with our wide range of services to help you achieve your goals.


A significant part of people's decisions is based on their feelings. Their mutually reinforcing positive relationship is based on trust, which creates security.

Trust is created by the quality of our communication and the consistency of our actions.


"We can't see past the decisions we haven't made yet"

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