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Selection - Survey

We believe that one of the cornerstones of the efficient and effective operation of companies is people, the quality of human relations within the company and their supportive, synergistic system.


We built our services with complex, high-quality solutions, from the selection of employees, through the identification of their strengths, through the exploration of the most suitable job position for the organization, to targeted preparation for management tasks at different levels.   


Selection support

Using our operational, profiling and operational experience, as well as applying a selection support package selected from the most modern tests, combined with practical tasks, we assess the characteristics of the candidates in the areas of resilience, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness, friendliness, workplace behavior and commitment to work that determine work efficiency.

Assessment of leadership skills

When supporting the selection of managers, we pay special attention to the exploration of cooperation, task selection and task processing, leadership skills. 

In order to support our client's decision, we present the results of our surveys and practical experience in writing and in the context of a personal consultation.

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Innovation in in selection

In addition to the use of state-of-the-art tests, our consulting activities

supplemented by our professional experience, as well as

We carry out biofeedback-supported analysis and exercises in a VR environment in order to individually assess and develop critical decisions, stress management, and relaxation.

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