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We Give Space to Effective Dispute Resolution


Mediation procedure

Our company's principle is that disputes and conflicts can be resolved through proper communication. With several decades of leadership and international negotiation experience, experience in solving serious conflict situations, and special professional preparation, we can effectively support the parties who turn to us in the peaceful settlement of their disputes and in the development of the best solution for all participants.   

Throughout our lives, we regularly encounter conflicts, find ourselves in controversial situations, and often do not see a solution that is acceptable to everyone.

Since the beginning of our civilization, we have always had those problems which, in the absence of suitable solutions, turned into conflicts between people. 

The question is not whether we can avoid these situations, but whether we are able to end conflicts by finding the best solution in a way that is acceptable to everyone involved.


We believe in the solution

Successful people and companies have recognized that conflict is inevitable, so they have learned to handle misunderstandings in such a way that they become opportunities for development.


The cornerstone of the road to a solution is the strengthening of the relationship between the parties, and the key to the solution is the quality of the communication between them.


During my previous profession - during several decades of criminal and law enforcement work, as well as as a responsible leader - I got to know the breadth and depth of conflicts and managed to participate in their effective resolution.


As a mediator, based on this experience, my special knowledge of conflict management and my understanding, my mission is to effectively support the parties involved in a controversial life situation in developing the best solutions for them.

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