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Dr. Zámbó Péter

Alapító - Ügyvezető Igazgató




Discipline - Attention - Development

As a pragmatic leader, I believe in consistent work and the necessity of continuous development. Creative objectives and the success of their implementation fill me with enthusiasm. I strive to quickly utilize the possibilities of technical innovation, with the help of which my goal is to reduce administration, to manage things faster and more efficiently. 


At the center of my management work are people, whom I can motivate with responsibility, demanding care and regular training with examples of achieved success.


 During my previous professional service duties, I increased my professional knowledge of crime, law enforcement and customs, as well as my leadership skills through personal observations of field work and visits to many foreign authorities for the purpose of learning and gaining experience. I use this extensive practical knowledge base in my current work as a company manager and consultant.

I see efficient operation in professional professional systems that perform their special tasks simply and transparently. Their coordinated cooperation means a company suitable for tasks with a modern service spirit.

The most important task in my life is to ensure the stable intellectual, emotional and physical development of my three children. The two live in the competitive world of elite athletes, the family's cohesive force and their mental preparation are the cornerstones of their future.


For me, management is a responsibility, not a position!

Professional experience

October 26, 2021 - 

2014 - 2021

2010 - 2014

2008 - 2010
1998 - 2008

Executive Director

Extensive, with a continuously expanding portfolio, we provide quality services to our clients in the legal, managerial and compliance areas.

National Tax and Customs Administration Directorate General of Crime / Deputy Director General

Brigadier General


  • Development of a criminal strategy, planned and gradual introduction of its elements, increasing efficiency.

  • The development of high-quality, national-interest cooperation within NAV's organization, as well as with partner bodies and at the international level.

  • Implementation of proactive law enforcement.

  • Setting up analytical and evaluation departments with up-to-date knowledge.

  • Establishing a national system of criminal operation management.

  • Creation of a criminal data recovery and information technology department that fully meets the current requirements of digital law enforcement.

  • Creation of a real-time registration and analysis system of organized criminal groups.

  • Inducing a significant market cleansing effect in several economic sectors. 

  • During 2018, I was commissioned to review the law enforcement and patrol activities of the National Tax and Customs Office, in order to implement a more modern and efficient task system.

  • Integrating national specialties and best foreign practice into the law enforcement concept.

  • Reforming the organizational structure and management and control system in line with contemporary requirements.

  • Technological, IT and methodological innovation based on motivated and highly qualified, dedicated executive staff. 

  • In 2019, the introduction of the concept will begin in several stages.

  • The new law enforcement organization started its activities in January 2020 by reducing the number of management levels and selecting managers based on performance and knowledge.

  • Based on the results of the first 6 months, the policing concept based on modern patrol control - with reduced human resources - has quadrupled its effectiveness compared to the data of the previous implementation of the same task. 

National Tax and Customs Office Directorate General of Crime / Head of Department of Criminal Services


  • Special operational capabilities and human resources and technical development.

  • Implementation of nationwide operative criminal work through the management of six special departments, and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

  •  Responsible command work under the control of 80 people.

Customs and Financial Protection / Commander of the Criminal Investigation Office


  • Creation of a new criminal unit and development of operational capabilities that did not exist before within the organization of the Customs and Financial Protection.

  • Creating humane criminal intelligence and covert operations capability

  • Improving the effectiveness of criminal work against smuggling of excise goods and cross-border drug trafficking

  • Responsible command work under the control of 50 people.

Border Guard National Command Intelligence Department / Head of Criminal Services Department

Border Guard National Command Reconnaissance Department / Operational Senior Lecturer

Budapest Border Guard Directorate / Intelligence officer



Border Guard Training and Further Education Institute Körmend 

Conscript military service, Police Officer College preparatory year / Border police officer qualification

National Patrol Championship first place



Police Officer College Border Police Department

National Scientific Student Competition

Juggling, shooting and patrol championships

Study travel award for outstanding academic and community work

College degree with honors

Border police officer qualification, first lieutenant rank



University of Pécs Faculty of Political Science and Law

Diploma thesis: State-of-the-art official procedures against international crime, with particular attention to the eradication of human trafficking based on illegal migration.

Doctorate in Law


Metropolitan Police Crime Academy/London/Operational Special Training


Police Aux Frontier Driving skills and professional language training/Clermont-Ferrand


Schengen border guard training CEPOL/Cologne


Manager and Master manager training/Budapest






More than:


1400 criminal actions

32 countries international negotiations

Presenter at 60 conferences

130 hours of university education 

80 recognitions and awards


17 years of management experience
25 years of operational experience
4700 hours of training practice
4 complex organization modernization

Management of 1,300 employees

1200 hours of driving training

Company management:

30 clients/ companies

We worked with 123 managers and employees of our clients

5 Conference

5 university lectures

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