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Be the Architect of Your Future: Equal Opportunity Program for Successful Further Education

The Budapest Complex SZC Ybl Miklós Construction Technical School and Vocational Training School has been committed over the past years to ensuring that all students have the opportunity for successful further education and career building. At the request of engineer-teacher Eszter Lakosi, 6FirmitaS Kft. participated in the implementation of the Equal Opportunity Program.

Background and Goals of the Program

The goal of the program is to provide individual development plans for students with learning difficulties, especially those with dyslexia, showing them how persistent practice of life management and concentration techniques can help them overcome obstacles and successfully continue their studies. The main elements of the individual development plan include positive reinforcement, overcoming anxiety and performance phobia, and improving concentration, relaxation, reading comprehension, and communication skills.

The program introduces five topics through practical exercises for young people. The aim of the sessions is to increase students' self-confidence and develop their necessary learning skills.

I am like this Goal: Positive reinforcement and self-confidence development.

Results and Successes Goal: Positive reinforcement and the development of success orientation.

Logical Interactive Tasks Goal: Demonstrating the balance between concentration and relaxation, achieving a sense of success, and developing problem-solving skills. Solving interactive logical games that serve to improve concentration and focus.

Reading Comprehension and Communication Development Goal: Achieving confident preparedness.

Repetition of Heard Content Goal: Overcoming exam phobia and improving concentration.

External Experts and Tools

In response to the honorable request, 6FirmitaS Kft. provided their expertise pro bono for the program, while MindForce Dynamics Kft. provided innovative and unique technical support for the development of young people. The special tracks and simulators of the MindForce Dynamics Arena - Tactical and Decision Competence Center in Budaörs, combined with modern biofeedback tools and digital applications, are particularly useful in developing concentration and relaxation, providing real-time feedback to students.

Long-term Vision and Opportunities

The program not only offers support for current academic difficulties but also helps students in forming a long-term vision. The equal opportunity program is an exemplary initiative that greatly contributes to the personal and professional development of students. Based on the individual development plan, each participating student receives personalized support that inspires them to overcome their learning difficulties and face future challenges with confidence.

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