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Our philosophy follows the implementation of the Learn - Earn - Return life cycle! After our studies at home and abroad, we worked in special areas of law enforcement and law enforcement. In the course of our work, we have built our future on the foundations of innovation - discipline - cooperation. We founded our own business to support conscious people and companies in the spirit of quality.

Dr. Enikő Subosits
Dr. Péter Zámbó

The diploma of a criminal officer was followed by a doctorate cum laude from the University of Pécs, and the legal examination meant the practical deepening of the studies. Conducting economic protection criminal proceedings has extensive experience  given, which creates value during the screening of their partners and the elaboration of their contracts in order to ensure the safe operation of enterprises. 

I worked from Los Angeles, through The Hague, to Beijing in many parts of the world. The key to success has always been based on a combination of preparation, attention, knowledge, respect and the fact that I never wanted to show myself anything other than who I am. The strongest base for victory was deep self-knowledge and quick profiling, as well as sophisticated negotiation techniques.


Edina Gillich

Meditation trainer


Relaxation expert

During our work, we realized that the management mIn addition to counseling, knowledge transfer and the development of practical methods supporting anager activities, there is a great need to relieve the significant daily stress load. 

We can live an effective, responsible work and an active family life in physical and mental balance. This is why relaxation, meditation, sound bowl massage, tension-relieving and healing massage were included in our program, which we provide through the quality services of Gillich Edina. 



Mobile: +36-70-392-8098

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Kiss Gábor

Kompetenciafejlesztő tréner


Kiss Gábor vagyok, a rendvédelemben és a terrorelhárításban dolgoztam, dolgozom. Okleveles rendészeti vezetőként, radikalizmus és vallási szélsőségek felismerési tanácsadóként, valamint kompetencia fejlesztő trénerként fontosnak tartom, hogy oktatással és tréning jellegű foglalkozásokkal a biztonságos munkakörnyezet kialakítására és biztonságtudatos magatartásra irányuló tudatost vezetői gondoskodást erősítsem. 

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